Are Escort Agencies Legal?

Sex Sells

Society sells sex for everything, you can find hints of sexuality in marketing campaigns for products, movies, TV series and so much more, however when it comes to literally selling sex, society openly condemns the act. Prostitution and sex workers have been around since ancient times, people have always sold sexual services and still do due to the fact that physical pleasures are something that are sought after by everyone, the sex industry exists even today and is constantly booming throughout the world. Escorts and escort agencies can be found in any country, one just has to look in the right places to find them.

Hiring Escorts

The problem with hiring escorts is that many countries have strict laws that forbid selling sexual favours in exchange for money, this prevents prostitution from taking place out in the open and stops people from seeking such services. However, these las primarily exist to keep public prostitution from becoming commonplace and have plenty of loopholes that can be exploited quite easily. Escort agencies do just that, these companies act as middle men that help people find escorts and arrange meetings with them discreetly, most of these agencies masquerade as entities that help people find companionship and pleasant company, allowing them to advertise services offered by call girls openly without creating any sort of trouble for both the parties.

Escort agencies often charge a small fee for their services and in order to stay clear of the boundaries defined by the government they don’t actually help the parties in negotiating fees and services, that part is left to the customer and the sex worker. Many people ask whether escort agencies are legal and safe, the answer to this question varies from person to person, some find it perfectly legal and morally right while others condemn the practice, and from the law’s point of view, it’s a perfectly legal practice. Getting in touch with an escort agency and availing their services is safe for the client and for the escort, promoting a safer and more organized sex industry that more people can gain access to.

Article submitted by Babes Of London